Make a lasting impression with members

Leave a positive mark in your member interactions.

Recently, I found myself in the market for a new hairstylist. After doing some homework, I landed on a salon with a great location and enticing service options.

Being brave, I said, “Any stylist. First available Saturday appointment, please.” They quickly booked my appointment. Super!

Haircut day arrives and I eagerly enter the salon, ready to meet my new stylist. She was friendly, greeted me by name and, best of all, acknowledged that I was new.

Everything was going great. With my haircut underway, another employee came over to my stylist and began to complain about her client who had just left. Suddenly, the experience turned sour.

This experience left me with a negative impression of not only these two stylists, but the entire salon.

As I sat there listening to her describe annoyances with her previous client, I felt more and more awkward. My stylist had several opportunities to “flip the switch” and stop the negative rant in its tracks by reminding her she was with a client, but she didn’t.


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