Make life easier for your members

Be ready to assist members when they have questions about new technology.

Talk with many service industry employees and you’ll hear an interesting theme about the never-ending battle to win the loyalty of customers—that creating loyalty isn’t about “wow” service anymore.

In fact, “wow” service is the last thing customers really want.

Wait. What?

New research shows that loyalty for today’s consumer is all about ease of use. Make what I want to do simple, hasslefree, convenient, and fast. Then, if I run into a problem or issue, just fix it.

To remain competitive and adapt to the new reality of banking, credit unions are taking steps to address that new mentality.

You might already be seeing it at your credit union: Systems, processes, and procedures are being upgraded or scoured and scrubbed to streamline them.

It’s all fascinating, scary, and absolutely necessary to remain nimble and adaptable in creating the banking experience members demand.


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