Make uncomfortable decisions part of your strategy

“Those who succeed were—at one point or another in their lives—willing to put themselves in situations that were uncomfortable , whereas the unsuccessful seek comfort from all their decisions.”

Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule, as quoted in Content, Inc.

After your strategic planning session ends, how comfortable are you? If you’ve really stretched yourself and forged a bold vision for the next several years you should feel a little uncomfortable. Why? Because as John Maxwell once said, “Discomfort is a sign of growth.”

But too many times in our planning sessions we don’t push our credit unions or banks. Not really. We fall back into comfort zones. Strategies we know. Action plans we can accomplish. Deadlines we can meet.

We make easy choices rather than hard decisions. We push those “elephant in the room” discussions to the following year. We leave things unsaid. We don’t tackle the really challenging issues that are holding back our organization.

However, to truly succeed you need to make uncomfortable decisions part of your strategy.

Here are some difficult things you might need to consider:

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