What makes members click and vote?

Power up your credit union's board elections.

From subject line to messaging, your emails to members can have a big impact or fall short. This is especially true when it comes to eliciting action from your members, say asking members to complete a survey or to cast a vote in a board election or merger election.

Jenn Barton, marketing director at Votenet Solutions, Washington, D.C., offers tips on getting members to click and take action, specifically when it comes to voting. Votenet powers CUES eVote, CUES’ election management and online voting service.

Getting to the Point

“Your members and voters will decide to open your email based on the subject line—it can make or break your campaign. Why would you spend time crafting a compelling email message that will never be read because you chose a boring or irrelevant subject?” Barton asks.

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