March Madness: Your credit union can be a starter!

Basketballs. Brackets. Benches. That’s what will dominate our televisions and conversations at work and with friends in the coming weeks. When we imagine being a great player in basketball or in any game, we imagine being out on the court, on the field, in the action. Top players aren’t the ones sitting on the bench.

Is your credit union a top player when it comes to purchase mortgages? If not, don’t be a bench-warmer waiting for a turn to get in on the action while real estate agents and online property portals take control. Be a top player—even a starter in the home loan game! Did I get your attention?

The key is to attract members that are just starting to think about buying a new home by becoming their First Point of Contact. This is where predictive marketing comes into play. Predictive marketing is leveraging known behavioral patterns and executing promotional efforts around those. In the case of a mortgage, research reveals the “known behavioral pattern” buyers have when they begin their home search—they go online.

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