Marketing: Beyond the balloons and yee-haw

Many CEOs and CFOs are frustrated with their marketing team. “It’s all about balloons, yee-haw, and ice cream socials. Where’s the ROI?” The answer to their question is that it’s nowhere to be found. An effective marketer dives beyond pretty design and fun ideas. So what DOES it take to be an effective marketer?

Sure, it helps to have a strong grasp of analytics and technology these days (you know, everything included in that buzzword BIG DATA, which we’ll cover below). But to be a truly effective marketer, you must bring a business mindset to the table. Marketing must play a critical role in growth initiatives and accomplishing overall organizational goals. Effective marketers also represent the member/customer at the leadership table and let their voices be heard while decisions are being made. And that’s according to the people who should know best: top marketers from some of the largest for-profit companies who participated in the latest CMO survey from Duke University.

There were 3 traits that were grouped at the top in terms of the number of first-place votes:

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