Marketing campaign planning tips for credit unions in 2021

With business operations drastically changed for many credit unions throughout the past year, many are finding it challenging to adapt their marketing budget and strategy to stay relevant in the market – and to cardholders, who are each dealing with their own specific life circumstances. As 2020 comes to a close and the campaign season changes, now is the time for credit unions to step back and consider their marketing planning approach – and how different it could look in the upcoming year.

Meeting Your Cardholders’ Evolving Needs

Consider a marketing planning approach that gives your credit union the ability to pivot quickly while staying top of mind and wallet, while focusing on offering cardholder incentives in a “giving back” framework. This approach will not only help meet the needs of your cardholders, but also your credit union and the local community.

Below are some tips for what your credit union can do to meet your credit and debit cardholders where they are right now and maintain mutually beneficial relationships that last.


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