Marketing trends 2017: Know what works for you

Your marketing budget is a good place to start when evaluating tactics.

The arrival of the new year prompts consideration of trends and which “new thing” might be best to incorporate in various business strategies. Marketing tactics are no exception.

It is important to evaluate trends so you don’t simply fall in line with your competitors’ approaches—their target consumer demographics, desirable outcomes, and budgets likely differ.

“Predictions are an inherently risky business so we cannot fault people for getting some wrong,” notes “But we can fault them if they fail to fully test their predictions or promote them with ulterior motives.”

Marketers sometimes adopt trends lacking knowledge of “nuances and hard work required for success,” Gartner says. The temptation is to pursue fads with a sense of urgency to avoid missing out.

Gartner suggests marketers evaluate trends with three questions in mind to help gauge brand relevancy:


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