Masterpass: Digital payments for your members that create deeper relationships for you

A customized digital payment solution

Offer your members a differentiated digital payment service that you design, own, and operate. With your logo and the ability to weave your services throughout, members always know it’s coming from you. Integrate Masterpass into your existing mobile banking app and online site to enable digital payments for your members without requiring them to create a separate account or even load their existing cards.

As trusted as you are

More people are comfortable using a digital wallet offered by their financial institution than by any other provider1. With your branded Masterpass offering, your members can confidently make the move to adopt digital payments. And consumers that make digital payments across channels spend 10x more than those who are not active2.

How your members want to shop

Research shows that over 90% of consumers move between their connected devices throughout the day3. And because Masterpass offers a seamless shopping experience across devices and shopping channels, issuers can serve more digital consumers and be there at the moment of payment – whether your customer is shopping online, in-app or in-store.

The digital payments partner of financial institutions worldwide

Financial institutions across the globe have already announced their support for Masterpass to provide a superior digital payment service to their customers. It’s time for your credit union to do the same for your members.



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