Matz: 2nd comment period insights will further improve RBC plan

A second comment period for the National Credit Union Administration’s risk-based capital rule will offer new insights into the proposal’s framework and implementation, said NCUA Chair Debbie Matz. Matz, responding to an Oct. 15 letter from Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.), outlined several areas that will be changed when the revised proposal is issued.

“The revised proposed rule will include changes requested by stakeholders during the initial comment period, such as a longer implementation period and revised risk weights for mortgages, investments, member business loans, credit union service organizations and corporate credit unions, among other changes,” she wrote.

Matz also added that stakeholders will be invited to provide thoughts on alternative approaches for addressing interest rate risk, a concern that Marino highlighted in his letter .

“Ultimately, a clear and well-established risk-based capital rule is vital to the future success of the credit union system,” Matz wrote. “The insights obtained during a new comment period will allow NCUA to further improve the proposed framework before implementation. These modifications will better ensure the rule’s final effectiveness and workability.”

Board member Rick Metsger said interest-rate risk must be addressed in the proposal but separately from credit risk.

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