McWatters outlines ways to give credit unions more flexibility in 2017

NCUA board member J. Mark McWatters outlined a list of issues he would like to see tackled in 2017 in this month’s NCUA Report newsletter. In his column, McWatters credited enhanced communications between his office and that of Chair Rick Metsger for allowing the agency to propose, adopt and execute a number of changes.

“These initiatives have been well received, but there is more work that needs to be done to improve operations at NCUA and to allow well-managed credit unions greater flexibility consistent with the principles of safety and soundness,” McWatters wrote.

Several items of interest on his list include to:

  • Determine whether the risk-based capital rule should be revisited;
  • Examine ways to increase examination uniformity throughout the regions, and improve the examination-appeals process;


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