Don’t be apathetic, be a credit union advocate at NAFCU’s 2012 Congressional Caucus


With the Presidential election around the corner and the Congressional recess in a few weeks, now’s the time for credit unions to step up and be advocates for their industry. They can do so quite easily by attending NAFCU’s 2012 Congressional Caucus coming up September 11-14, 2012, in Washington, D.C. To get the inside scoop on this gathering, we spoke with NAFCU’s Director of Political Affairs Katie Marisic. Katie provided us with all the show’s events, speakers, and the many opportunities credit unions have to meet face to face with their representatives — a perfect opportunity to plant the credit union benefit seeds so they take root prior to the electoral circus that’s about to hit our nation’s capitol in a couple of months. It was a pleasure having Katie on the program, as she delivered some fantastic takeaways on upping the ante on advocacy for this industry that does so much for others. Check it out!


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