How The Foundation’s recent rebrand can transform credit unions with Gigi Hyland

by: Mike Lawson

Say good-bye to the National Credit Union Foundation and say hello to the Foundation. Yes, the credit union’s philanthropic arm has made a few changes as of late — most apparent has been its website, logo, and name. No longer is NCUF referred to as “NCUF” (too many acronyms in this industry); it is now referred to, and aptly so, as the Foundation.

We invited the Foundation’s Director Gigi Hyland on the program to get to the bottom of all these changes and how she sees it benefiting the organization and ultimately the industry. Believe me, only good can come from this, as the rebranding effort (still in phase 1) has a ton of strategic thought behind it. It’s just not an elegant and contemporary new look; it’s a new way of thinking — and Gigi tells us why.We also discuss some of the Foundation’s upcoming initiatives namely the 27th annual National Credit Union Foundation Dinner Presenting the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards (get your tickets!), Biz Kid$ financial education grants, Development Education Training to earn your CUDE, and lots more. So enjoy this episode as Gigi Hyland delivers once again with some bold moves to benefit the industry. Check it out!

Foundation’s Wegner Dinner tickets

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