How to ‘Catch the Save Wave’ with CUNA Youth Week’s Janet Garkey

There’s probably one thing we can all agree on: Teaching kids at an early age about financial literacy is a good thing. That said, there are a myriad of organizations out there, many in the CU industry, that are taking a proactive approach to educating kids about managing money. One such movement coming up next month happens to be CUNA’s National Credit Union Youth Week (April 20-26, 2014), which has been a huge shot in the arm helping kids learn about proper finances.

We invited CUNA’s Manager, Adult Member Education Janet Garkey (who’s in charge of Youth Week) on the show to provide us with the plans for 2014’s Youth Week events, benefits, and goals. We also talk about the National Youth Saving Challenge and why credit unions should be signing up for that venture, as well.

Both endeavors are worthy causes but can’t make great change unless there’s massive movement from the grassroots level — that means you credit unions. So sign up today (March 7 last day to save) and lead the way, giving your kids a head start in the world of finance. Their future will thank you.


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