Winning the Name Game

How do you know if changing your name is the right strategy? What factors should drive the decision, should it stay or should it go? Does it have the equity you think it does? Who should your new financial name appeal to? Is it distinctive?Learn from those who have:Blown it — true stories of those who took the process lightly and failed.Nailed it — true stories of those who have shown growth, profitability and increased wallet share. Join Randy Schultz, Weber Marketing Group’s VP Marketing and financial industry insider for over 30 years, and researcher Dr. Neil Goldman, Goldman Consulting and Strategy as they help maneuver you through the maze of questions, roadblocks, and pitfalls that can help you win the Name Game This is part of an ongoing series of free webinars from Weber Marketing Group.

You’ll learn how to evaluate the equity in your name:

  • A strategic decision — embrace or abandon • Research — the pitfalls of doing the wrong research
  • Defining your Return On Objective — is the growth and results you hear about from others who have renamed or rebranded fact, or fiction?
  • Collaboration — the right partner with a highly successful process: Trademarking. Transforming your brand. Engaging your staff and stakeholders. Connecting with the community.

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