How member analytics can drive your marketing efforts

Marketing today is not your grandfather’s marketing.  That is fact and the reason is that now marketers have so much more information about their customers literally at their fingertips. It is simply up to us to use it.

Roll back the marketing clock and a lot of customer analytics was guess work.  We did analysis on zip codes and, honestly, that was pretty good. Not pinpointed, however, and not really granular down to the individual level. But today is different. Instead of doing a deep dive into a zip, we have ready access to the tools that let us dive into this member and what really motivates him or her.

Understand this: the more you know your members, the better you can serve them.  That is the why of getting serious about member analytics. When you are, deeper knowledge lets you offer a member the help, products and services that he/she just may need.  And that also means you won’t annoy them with offers they have absolutely no interest in.

Analytics means never annoying members with the absolutely unwanted.

Analytics mean more sales, lower costs

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