Member centricity: The key to branch modernization

Reimagining branch philosophy and design in the 21st century.

Why would current or prospective members want to step foot in a credit union in 2017?

The answers we found to this question now drive our team’s productivity and our members’ loyalty to record highs.

Like other U.S. financial institutions, Elevations Credit Union had seen a dramatic change in member behavior and banking technology over the past decade.

Countless industry analysts have prognosticated about the death of the branch (and continue to do so) thanks to the rise of mobile banking and other factors.

But instead of reducing our commitment to our branches, we were interested in understanding how branch features were evolving and what might improve our members’ experience.

So we spent more than two years visiting community financial institutions around the country, learning from their experiences and closely studying the needs and preferences of our Colorado community members.


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