Millennial matters: Do I need life insurance?

Millennials are a diverse bunch. They’re single, married, parents, students, entrepreneurs and so much more. But, no matter the life stage, millennials typically have one thing in common: They want to protect their family and loved ones.

So, how can they accomplish this? Life insurance is one way. But, is it really necessary?

For me, it is. I’m a recent homebuyer, engaged (and almost married!) with two fur babies. If something were to happen to me, there would still be a mortgage to pay, a significant other now surviving on his income alone and two cats to feed. Life insurance helps protect each of these important things if I pass away.

Now, just because I need life insurance doesn’t mean every millennial does. If I didn’t have a house, significant other and “dependents,” would I need it? Possibly not, as I’m young and in relatively good health.

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