Millennial tax tips you can brand & share on your social accounts

Everybody’s favorite day, Tax Day, is quickly approaching. Little known fact: since 1955, Tax Day has typically been April 15th. However, when April 15th falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, then taxes are due the following Tuesday.

This year, April 15th happens to fall on a Saturday and that means that we all need to have our taxes in by Tuesday, April 18th.

Early April is typically a hectic time getting everything together, and we thought that young people who recently entered the workforce may need some extra help. So, this month, we put together five graphics that you can use and brand to lend that helpful hand. All you have to do is download the designs you like and add your branding to them. Then push them out on your social channels, as you normally would.

Nobody likes tax season, but we all like getting money back. So, download, brand and share these tips on your social accounts to help out your millennial members.

Just click here or on the image below to see all of our free downloads and pick the ones you’d like to add to your social media calendar. We’ve even sized them to fit Facebook and Twitter for you, so all you really need to do is add your branding and you’ll be set.

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

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