Millennials are not taking over…

…but they are super important to your CU. Build these five things into your culture be better poised to serve them.

“The organizations ahead of the curve get to write the rules of the game,” said speaker, author and consultant Jamie Notter during the opening general session, “When Millennials Take Over: What it Takes to Attract the Future of your Members and Employees,” at CUES Symposium: A CEO/Chairman Exchange early this year.

Despite what Notter’s session title suggests, millennials are not, in fact, taking over. But they are strongly aligned with the future direction of business. So, he says, if you want to be the one writing the rules of the game, you need to build the “millennial mantra” into the core of your credit union’s culture. You need to be:

  1. Digital: This piece is user-focused, meaning your technology needs to meet the needs of your members and your employees. It must be customizable, innovative and constantly improving.
  1. Clear: Transparency is the key here. No more closed-door meetings and bringing people in only as needed. Making things visible increases the quality of decisions being made in the organization. The more information people see, the better the decisions being made.
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