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As the year is winding down and the new year is right around the corner Karen Allen (TEDx speaker and Founder of 100% Human) will share a simple, yet powerful technique that will help us let go of negative thought cycles and move to more productive and positive thinking so that we end 2022 energized and begin 2023 excited and prepared to lead ourselves, our teams and our organizations to success!

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to refueling, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.

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As we begin the year, effectively leading our teams and organizations is essential. Join us as nationally acclaimed keynote speaker Hamza Khan (a bestselling author and global keynote speaker whose TEDx talk “Stop Managing, Start Leading” has been viewed nearly two million times.) shares ideas and insights on how we can provide effective and intentional leadership that is impactful in these unprecedented times.

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to leadership, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.


Change is constant, and leading ourselves, our teams and our organizations effectively through change has never been more important or more challenging. Highly regarded speaker and trainer Lucas Tindell (Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach and Host of aLive Video Podcast) will share insights into how we can all maximize our effectiveness in dealing with, and leading through change.

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to change, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.


Internationally acclaimed thought leader, organizational psychologist and #1 best-selling author of The Impulse Factor and Domino: The Simplest Way to Inspire Change, Nick Tasler will spend time with us discussing how leaders can apply a simple decision framework for transforming seasons of change into periods of unprecedented growth.

The keynote will be followed by an engaging panel discussion with industry experts related to growth, and two dynamic breakout sessions to dive in even deeper.

Event Schedule

1:00pm EST
KEYNOTE: Stop Managing, Start Leading: A Guide To Emerging From Chaos And Navigating The Future Of Work, by Hamza Khan

Two years into the pandemic and emerging from chaos, credit unions face a new challenge: navigating the fast-approaching future of work—an always-on “new abnormal” characterized by hybrid work, endless disruption, and constantly shifting member expectations. Enter “modern leadership,” a system of action that is profoundly people-centric, change-friendly, self-disrupting, and values-driven. This talk will help you change before you’re forced to change. And in doing so, prepare your credit union for a future in which change is the only constant.
In this talk, the credit union leaders will:

● Familiarize themselves with Fortune’s Top 5 reasons why organizations fail to navigate change
● Understand four modern leadership values needed to future-proof their leadership style
● With the help of contemporary case studies, appreciate the need to stop managing and start leading

1:50pm EST
PANEL DISCUSSION: Leadership Matters: Fostering Professional & Personal Success, hosted by Randall Smith and featuring Linda Bodie, Bill Cheney, and Maria Martinez

In this interactive panel discussion, you will hear from experts on the challenges and opportunities of leadership excellence in dynamic and ever changing environments. The panelists will discuss and provide insights into excelling in leadership for credit union teams and members.

2:30pm EST
Overdraft Is Not Over: Strategies for Supporting Members’ Liquidity Needs,
by Christopher Leonard, CEO at Velocity Solutions

Overdraft protection has been a hot topic for years and is now back in the news almost daily. Unfortunately, the press is focusing on only a tiny part of the story, ignoring what overdraft really means to consumers. Covering short-term liquidity needs will always play a fundamental role in the banking system. The question is how credit unions can lead the financial services industry, serving members in a way that is responsible, compliant and ensures an ability to repay.

Velocity Solutions CEO & Attorney Christopher Leonard is one of the industry’s foremost experts on this topic, having worked with hundreds of financial institutions on various liquidity products. In this session, Christopher will discuss the latest thinking on the future of overdraft, dispel the myths propagated in the press, and share the secrets to providing short-term liquidity so everybody wins: regulators, financial institutions, and most importantly, your members.

2:30pm EST
Leading for Tomorrow: Key Ideas for Effective, Inclusive Succession Planning
, by Jill Nowacki, President & CEO at Humanidei

Leadership is in transition. An accelerated rate of retirement and a lower retirement age has led to high levels of turnover in the credit union C-Suite. The NCUA Board attempted to address this during the first NCUA Board meeting of 2022 when they approved a proposed rule to require Boards of Directors to establish a succession planning process. The need is there, but where do we start?

In this session, Jill Nowacki, President and CEO of Humanidei + O’Rourke will offer practical guidance on how organizations of any size can develop strong succession planning through identifying key leadership competencies for today and including them in long-term career path development. This discussion will help Board members identify traits to look for in succession planning, CEOs to understand how to lead even more effectively, and aspiring leaders to gain insight into development areas for the future.

1:00pm EDT
KEYNOTE: Communicating Change During Challenging Times, by Lucas Tindell

While many challenges persist as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are also facing changing populations, regulations, and new pressures on our organizations. This keynote will allow us to reflect on what we can do to make change more palatable to those it affects and more manageable for those leading others. It is time we stop fearing change and start choosing the changes we want to see.

1:50pm EDT
PANEL DISCUSSION: Change: The Good, Bad, and In-Between, hosted by Randall Smith and featuring Monica Belz, Brett Martinez, and Ricky Otey

2:30pm EDT
Breakout A: Changing Member Experience
Crack the Code on Cross-selling,
by J.J. Slygh, Member Experience Consultant at TotalExpert

Why do credit unions miss out on cross-sell opportunities? Lack of personalization, department silos, and disparate systems are often the culprits behind members’ wandering wallets.

In this session, you will learn the importance of cross-selling in 2022 and how to seize those opportunities by leaning into data analysis, broadening communication, prioritizing customer education, and developing engaging member experiences. With the strategies discussed in this webinar, you will attract new prospects and retain your current consumer base.

2:30pm EDT
Breakout B: Changing Member Lives
Change the Way You Think About the Impossible,
by Hayley Harrison, VP, Business Operations at CU NextGen

Join CU NextGen as they share how to take your biggest, seemingly impossible ideas and turn them into reality with ease. Learn how credit unions can get financially struggling members on the path toward greater financial wellness. Take the impossible and make it possible, to get back to the true mission of credit unions – people helping people.

1:00pm EDT
KEYNOTE: Dream Big, Grow Now…One Decision at a Time, by Nick Tasler

Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and innovation in your credit union. In these times of disruptive change, the more strategically and courageously you stack your blocks, the quicker and more confidently you’ll seize opportunities, implement creative solutions, and find new ways to accelerate your growth as a leader and as a human being—-one decision at a time.

1:50pm EDT
PANEL DISCUSSION: Driving Ideas Forward: Insights on Strategic Growth, with special guest moderator Tracie Kenyon and featuring Tonita Webb, Paris Chevalier, and Brian Schools

2:30pm EDT
Breakout A: GROWING YOUR MEMBERSHIP Do More with Four. Simple Key Measures to Grow Your Credit Union, by Julie Garges SVP, Data & Analytics Market Leader at Marquis

What are the four key measures that quickly provide insight and direction into member growth and retention when used in combination? Join us and learn how simple actions and peer data can help you increase your credit union’s knowledge base. This fast-paced breakout session will teach you not only what the measures are but also how to use them to increase new members, increase transaction volume at the point-of-sale, and increase transaction frequency.

Session content will feature actual results from our credit union client base and peer data from a sampling of over 10 million households. In addition, attendees will receive a product purchase seasonality calendar, projected results from various marketing campaigns, attrition benchmark comparisons, and a list of the four key measures to move mountains at your credit union.

2:30pm EDT
Breakout B: GROWING YOUR STRATEGY Winning with a Growth Mindset in Today’s Environment, by Bill Gould, Executive Vice President at Securian Financial

In this energetic and insightful session, credit union leaders will learn about the latest trends and challenges in today’s environment, explore four strategic priorities for continuous growth, and learn how to innovate with a growth mindset while staying true to their credit union’s purpose and mission.

1:00pm EST
KEYNOTE: STOP + SHIFT: The Mindset Reset that Changes Everything, by Karen Allen

Life is full of curveballs and surprises; what defines us is how we respond to them. What if changing your thinking can “actually” change the situation? Spoiler alert: it can. If your mind is shaped by your thinking, how do you take control of the quality of your thoughts? In this keynote presentation, Karen shares her journey from overwhelming grief after a tragic loss to joy and resilience when she learned how to Stop + Shift.

This simple mental exercise Karen developed leads to a massive ripple effect. It helps improve a person’s thought life, empowering them to make better choices, and subsequently create a healthier and happier life, both personally and professionally.

This keynote teaches audiences and teams how to:

● Make decisions from a place of composure and clarity
● Kick negative thoughts and emotions out of the driver’s seat
● Build resiliency
● Create a burnout-proof work culture

1:50pm EST
PANEL DISCUSSION: Refuel and Reignite Your Leadership Energy,Hosted by Randall Smith and featuring Amy Downs, Lily Newfarmer, and Maurice Smith

2:30pm EST
Breakout A: REFUELING INNOVATION: Fuel Member and Loan Growth with AI, by Drew Megrey, Senior Account Manager at Upstart

With rising interest rates, high inflation, and uncertainties about economic recession on the horizon, credit unions need to be doubling down on innovations, like digital transformation and applying AI and machine learning to the lending process. Recharge your investment strategy to deliver the greatest long-term value to your members and your credit union.

2:30pm EST
Breakout B: REFUELING ENGAGEMENT Why Satisfied Members Aren’t Enough Anymore, by J.J. Slygh, Principal Product Marketer at Total Expert

You may think you’re doing a good job serving your members. You might even have the satisfaction scores to show it. But, that doesn’t mean those happy members come directly to you for their financial need. Why not? It all comes down to engagement.

Join Total Expert as we discuss:

● Current member expectations around engagement
● How technology can help you scale your engagement efforts
● What makes a technology provider a good partner for engagement

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