Mistakes and successes: The first 100 days

The day is here—your first day on a new job! Your emotions are a mix of resourcefulness and anxiousness with a high degree of enthusiasm. You left for work on time and showed up at least 15 minutes early with packed nutritious snacks and water so they are at hand when needed. You brought a personal item or two for your desk space. Your attire fits in with the culture and you walk with a smile of openness and confidence. How you show up for the first day, and the next 99 days, sets the tone for your success.

Show up ready: Arrive in plenty of time to do whatever you need to before the start of the work day; manage traffic and parking, use the restroom, pour coffee, and say hello. Be ready at your space at least five minutes early rather than walking in at the start time and taking 15 minutes before earning your new salary!

Dress for success: Be neat, conservative, and, perhaps, dress for the job you want next after you demonstrate success with this new one.

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