Mobile payment system expected for iPhone 6

by. Althea Chang

Google Wallet may not be as popular as the company hoped, but a similar new mobile payment system from Apple could help usher in a fresh era for shoppers at the register with smartphones.

Apple is expected to unveil a mobile payment system for its iPhone 6 when the tech giant holds a press event on Sept. 9.

“Apple has done a remarkable job through it’s marketing and product development to make many similar innovations mainstream. Speech recognition wasn’t invented by Apple, but with Siri, and how the feature was marketed, you definitely saw how the technology’s association with Apple contributed to it’s acceptance the world over,” noted Kevin Nabipour, senior vice president of content strategies at Allison+Partners.

And even though mobile device payments via Google as well as PayPal haven’t taken off, Apple’s product development group and first-class marketing team could convince consumers that mobile payments are not only a cool option, but very convenient as well, Nabipour said.

“Projections from expert forecasters are firmly in the growth category, with 35 percent annual growth reported recently by researchers at Gartner. So it’s obviously an area of growth that Apple wants to jump on now,” Nabipour said.

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