Money Leaks And How To Plug Them

By Amanda Gengler and Anne C. Lee @Money

You keep a sharp eye on your budget. You buy ultra-low-cost index funds instead of actively managed ones, and you know that, unless you’re behind the wheel of a Maserati, you can skip the premium gas.

Still, you may be missing some “money leaks,” those small expenses that you hardly notice but that add up over time.

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Some are costs you forgot you’re shouldering. Others are regular bills you’ve been meaning to review for years. Yet another group is expenses you could save on if you took the time to check out cheaper options.

Total up which of these leaks apply to you, and start savings hundreds — even thousands — a year.


What was perfect for you five years ago may be costing you too much today.

What to do if you’re forgetting…

…you still have cash in your money-market fund earning 0.01%

The leak: Up to $94 on $10,000 in savings

The plug: Money funds are paying an anemic 0.01% on average, yet savers still have $2.6 trillion sitting in them, says the Investment Company Institute. Why!? Move your cash into an online savings account, such as those offered by Ally Bank (0.95%) or Discover (0.8%).

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