More than half of student loan borrowers see the ROI

by Christian Widhalm, SVP of Lender Partnerships, LendKey, NAFCU Services Blog

Student loan debt continues to trend upward and remains prominent in the news. LendKey has performed research to assess how borrowers felt about their college choices when considering their ability to repay their student loan debt. The company found that 53.9% were very pleased with the ROI their college or university provided them. Given the rising cost of tuition, students and their families are definitely still seeing the value of borrowing to fill the gaps among scholarships, grants, and their personal funding when they’re financing higher education.

More Than Half of Student Loan Borrowers See the ROI

More than half of borrowers were very satisfied with their college or university choice given their ability to pay back their loans. The borrower’s satisfaction with their college or university choice increases with age substantially, which aligns with career advancement, paid off student debt, purchased homes, and established families. However, there is an opportunity to educate these young borrowers on their borrowing and repayment options.


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