Multi-channel member engagement: What your credit union needs to know

Direct relationships between CUs and their members have never been more personal.

A rapid transformation of the financial services industry is underway, and many credit union leaders are wondering if our movement could be “Uberized” as a result.

While on-demand digital and mobile solutions can add unprecedented speed and convenience to basic banking, payments, and lending transactions, these channels should be viewed as tools to enhance, not disrupt, member engagement.

Member engagement is an evergreen topic that has evolved over decades of change. For example, 25 years ago select employee group organizations and word-of-mouth communication were key to engagement.

But now, direct relationships between credit unions and their members have never been more personal.

Today, credit unions often thrive on a multi-channel approach, which favors consistent service excellence across unique delivery points. The experience ultimately engages the needs of each member, whether they prefer to deposit a check at a branch or pay for point-of-sale purchases using a smartphone.

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