National job churn prompts need for training solutions

Credit unions have great need of training solutions at a moment in time when new staff are being brought on board frequently, thanks to a national job-churn trend sparked by reaction to the pandemic. 

“The lower-than-expected increase in jobs shows that workers are hesitant to re-join the labor force, even though schools are resuming in-person instruction and federal unemployment benefits will soon lapse,” said CUNA Senior Economist Dawit Kebede, Ph.D. “There is still a critical need among employers to fill vacant positions, which has led to wage increases across the country.”

Credit union frontline teams are in a state of evolution, contributing to a culture of change in most credit unions. Branches are becoming advisory centers where frontline staff are not only financial professionals, but also financial educators: providing awareness and education at a greater level than they ever did before.

Previously, drive-thru tellers focused on lollipops and dog treats to create a great member experience, but now they are being asked to be member service representatives (MSRs) as well. They need to be able to answer questions about mobile banking, handle documentation and provide rates on loans.

CUNA Financial Counseling Certification Program (FiCEP) provides credit union employees with the skills and knowledge required to help guide their members to sound financial decisions. It is one solution to the problem of MSRs needing to be “trained up.” FiCEP training is available in both live and recorded formats, as well as self-study through the FiCEP book. People passing the certification exam will achieve the Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation.

“Financial Well-Being for All is the lens through which the credit union system ― Credit Union National Association (CUNA), our affiliates, Leagues and credit unions ― conducts our business,” said Amanda Schumacher, instructional design manager for CUNA. “It is a high-priority initiative in our industry, and therefore FiCEP’s popularity is rising.”

FiCEP gives credit union staff the tools to help members achieve financial well-being. Members learn to make better financial decisions based on the advice of their Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC), leading to an enhanced member experience. Credit unions reap the rewards of financially healthy members.

CUNA Training Bundle offers FiCEP and unlimited access to relevant training for the entire staff of a credit union at one price. In addition to the CCUFC certification, the content in CUNA Training Bundle is a pathway to other designations across specialties. More than 30 eSchools, all led by vetted experts, are included. Learn more at

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