Navy Federal and Stride Bank’s CMOs reinvent their roles. Here’s why—and how

The rapid rise of specialized neobanks, embedded finance, and AI-driven innovations is reshaping banking, challenging institutions to rethink their marketing strategies. As consumer behaviors shift online, and fintechs leverage advanced technologies, we asked banking CMOs at Navy Federal, First Horizon and others to share their perspectives on the emerging realities of their jobs and their departments. The first of a two-part series.

Highly specialized neobanks. Embedded finance and banking as a service. The movement of consumers to online and mobile channels. Ever-expanding tech stacks.

And, of course, generative artificial intelligence.

The fire hose of technology is on full blast, and how all of these disruptive changes will reshape the banking industry is yet to be determined.

It is forcing chief marketing officers at banks and credit unions across the country to rethink how their teams can be most effective.


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