I need to improve ATM up-time & maintenance

“I’m at an impasse with our ATMs.  I need to improve our ATM uptime and simplify the way we maintain and service them.  We currently have multiple maintenance service providers who are supposed to keep my ATMs running, but something is always causing them to be down.  And, it seems that multiple ATMs are down for multiple reasons every month and it’s not getting any better. My boss takes every opportunity to remind me how this is “affecting our brand” and I’ve told my ATM vendors that if our ATMs aren’t working, nothing else matters to our customers. But, I need to find someone who “gets it” and will be a partner that I can rely on to make managing ATM operations easier.  And we desperately need someone who can keep my ATMs up and running.”

Sound familiar? Well it might if you’re involved with the success (or failure) of your institution’s ATMs. The good news is you’re not alone.  Banks and credit unions of all sizes are beginning to lean on partners that provide ATM managed services and outsourcing options to minimize the burdens and maximize accountability related to ATM management. The right partner can be your single point of contact for all things ATM and will allow you to start eliminating a long list of vendors that haven’t added the value that was promised. The right partner will also institute uptime-based service level agreements (SLA) to sustain ATM uptime and provide your institution rebates or incentives if near-perfect uptime isn’t achieved.

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