New approaches to credit union marketing: Why ads just aren’t enough

Lots of Credit Unions are considering all kinds of ‘new fangled’ ways to market their services to existing members and potential new members. The overall goal should be to reach a highly targeted but perhaps broader audience, both online and in other more traditional ways.

Here are some thoughts on three recent questions I’ve gotten from clients. In general it is my belief that traditional ads, and even more innovative online ads, should only supplement your more rigorous inbound marketing approach and here’s why…

1. Are Ads on Pandora & Other Apps Worth the Money?

So I get this question a lot. My answer is No. First, these types of ads are often very expensive and more importantly very INTERRUPTIVE. Even if you have unlimited budget, these kinds of ads are usually NOT going to enhance the users experience on the platform. They are more likely to turn a person off rather than get them to consider your services.

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