New director reconsiders pending legal actions

Although much of the early talk about a Trump appointed Director of the CFPB has centered on the potential for regulatory relief, the place where we will see the quickest and most dramatic shift is in the use of enforcement actions. Let’s not forget that the CFPB has aggressively used its UDAP powers and enforcement authority to take legal actions against alleged wrong-doers. Acting Director Mulvaney is already decisively changing the Bureau’s use of these powers.

Exhibit 1 is Nationwide Biweekly Administration, an Ohio-based company that transmits funds from consumers to their mortgage servicers. They have been sued by the Bureau over claims that it misrepresented the terms of its product, which enables consumers to make biweekly mortgage payments. The Bureau has now announcedthat it was no longer opposing a company’s request that the CFPB not be allowed to collect a $9 million judgment against it. The Bureau’s decision comes just days after it had filed a motion in opposition to the company’s request for a stay.

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