New email-based EMV education tool launched

Over the past few months, I’ve written about the lack of robust EMV chip card education among merchants and consumers. As the U.S. payments industry continues its EMV migration, data consistently indicates a gap between what retailers and consumers need to know about EMV chip cards and what they actually know about them.

The Payments Security Task Force and the EMV Migration Forum hope to close (if not eliminate) that gap. To that end, the two payments associations teamed up to create the CHIP IN Education Initiative, which educates consumers and merchants about new EMV-enabled cards. Through CHIP IN, individuals can sign-up to receive EMV-related examples of social media posts and hashtags, educational downloads, visual aids, training guides and media interview tips via email. Participants can then share these materials with their own communities to educate a broader sector on EMV basics. Although the CHIP IN initiative has concluded, the mailings are still available to be forwarded from their website.

The CHIP IN materials are to be used in conjunction with, a website designed by both organizations to provide consumers, merchants and financial institutions with information on EMV chip cards and their security features.

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