The new world of credit union marketing

It’s not just about newsletters anymore. Success takes big-picture view—and leveraging data—to reach the right people.

Two years ago in this CUES Skybox blog post, I wrote “… the role of a marketing professional has taken on a level of complexity previously unimaginable, encompassing digital media, SEO, SEM, social media, matrix marketing and organizational branding, as well as driving revenue.”

Today, these sophisticated challenges and countless new technologies continue to gain momentum, literally creating a new world of credit union marketing. Member newsletters, brochures, lobby promotional posters and mainstream advertising will no longer get the job done.

Instead, credit unions need a holistic strategic marketing approach that drives real business and builds brand distinction, bringing together technology, research, product development and the consumer experience. Industry leaders are doing it; some of your competitors are doing it—are you responding?

Savvy credit unions are developing data-driven segmentation systems to understand where new members and revenue are coming from and where they can derive future growth. Some are going further by using data to drive predictive analytics. By looking at actions members are taking every day, they can anticipate future behaviors, estimate how relationships with the credit union may develop over time, and proactively deliver solutions at the right time and place. One-to-one marketing is a game-changer in driving growth.

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