NextGen Know-How: 5 self-care practices that improve leadership

Follow these tips to help yourself be the best leader—and human—you can be during the pandemic and beyond.

The past few months have been one of the most challenging times I’ve faced in my adult life. Back in March, when our school system announced that schools would be closed for two weeks due to the coronavirus, I remember panicking about what I would do with my kids for two weeks while I worked. Little did I know that almost four months later they would still be home!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. I love spending time with them, but on my schedule. Suddenly becoming a full-time, stay-at-home mom and teacher in addition to working full time was a recipe for disaster. And that’s pretty much how it played out. My husband and I struggled to balance our three kids’ different Zoom calls and assignments with our businesses. There were no breaks. When I would take a short break from work to get some lunch or tea, I would have three kids hanging on me asking for snacks or complaining about their siblings.

We were exhausted. My well-planned, organized, compartmentalized life was suddenly turned upside down. Of course, I was grateful that we are all healthy and well during the pandemic. But the everyday reality of the struggles and challenges was really taking its toll. About three months in, I remember saying to my husband that if I didn’t have a break, I think I might have a breakdown.

You get the picture. And perhaps you can relate. It’s times like these that I remember why it is so important to take care of myself and give myself a break. But that has been hard during the pandemic when you can’t go anywhere or meet up with anyone. I was exhausted and struggling to be my best self.


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