NextGen Know-How: 6 inspiring resources to start the new year

Kick off 2021 with these healthy practices and thought-provoking reads (and movie!)

Doesn’t it feel good to turn the page to 2021? Perhaps not much has changed, but having a fresh start with the new year brings hope of better things to come.

In January, many of us set goals, intentions or resolutions. While those practices are helpful and can set our path for a successful year, they can also create a sense of disappointment and failure if we don’t start the year perfectly and stick to our intentions. I personally set goals and intentions for the year, yet I know that I am human and will have setbacks and challenges. I have learned to shift away from perfection to focusing more on getting better every year.

For example, I planned a two-day juice detox beginning Monday, Jan. 4 to start the new year. I completed a three-day juice fast in November that I stuck to completely and felt great. For this round, I stuck to the plan most of Monday until dinner. I gave in and had some deliciousmacaroni and cheese I made for my kids (homemade!) As I was dishing the mac-and-cheese onto my plate, I knew it was going against my goal. But my kids were unexpectedly home all day doing virtual learning … and, well, I just needed some comfort.


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