NextGen know-how: Appreciation in your credit union

Do your employees feel valued?

The holidays are approaching, and one task on my list this month is gifts for my children’s teachers. I’m not very creative and, honestly, I’d rather buy a gift card and call it a day. Yet I feel a longing to really show my appreciation and make the gifts more meaningful.

Lots of ideas popped into my head, and then the worry crept in of not having enough time to put the ideas into action. Then I started to rationalize why I don’t have enough time: “I’m too busy,” I thought. “I work full time, I have three kids under five, and I just don’t have the time.” Then I thought, “I can just contribute to the class gift. That’s why they have a class gift anyway; to make it easier on the parents.” But easy doesn’t always equate to meaningful.

Look, I know the teachers will appreciate whatever we decide to give them. But the more I reflected on this, I felt the desire to do something special to really show that we care and appreciate all they do for our two children. It’s fine to purchase a gift card or contribute to the class gift, but I felt like we could do something more individual and unique to show we put some thought into it.

With the hustle and bustle of the season, most of us tend to run around furiously trying to just get it all done (I know I do!). We don’t always take the time to think about the message we send through our actions. Sometimes going that extra step can convey a more meaningful message.

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