NextGen KnowHow: 5 Habits of the ‘Super Achiever’

Successful leaders focus on improving and don’t make excuses

by Laurie J. Maddalena, MBA, CPCC, PHR

One of my personal goals each year is to improve my habits over the previous year.Whether it’s being more productive, spending more time planning and prioritizing, exercising more, or focusing on cultivating personal relationships, keeping my focus on getting better and better helps me to get greater results over time. I believe small incremental improvements yield better results than a list of lofty resolutions or goals.

This year, one of my small improvements is implementing a “Half Hour of Power.” I learned of this idea from famed coach Tony Robbins, who suggests an “Hour of Power” each day. I determined a half hour would be manageable for my schedule, and have been working to implement this improvement into my day.

Each day, I spend a half hour writing what I am thankful for in my journal, envisioning future successes, reviewing my annual, monthly and weekly goals, setting my two top priorities for the day, and getting centered to be able to work at maximum productivity. This small change has helped me to stay on top of my key result areas, be highly productive and stay centered and focused.

I’ve worked with many leaders through coaching and leadership programs and I’ve noticed the highly successful leaders share many of the same daily habits or traits. They focus each day on improving and don’t make excuses. The most successful leaders make time for the important areas; they don’t complain about how much time they don’t have. They take control and responsibility.

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