Nice going, genius

We’re talking today about the Working Genius model, but I’m curious, has anyone ever said, “Nice going, genius,” to you? Have you said it to anyone? My answer? Yes and yes. Certainly, in its usual context…whatever has happened is light years away from a genius move.

What a word though, right? Genius. In evokes names like Einstein, Newton, Rembrandt, Edison and Jobs. When thinking about the word ‘genius’, we immediately associate it with inventors and give deference to them. To be sure, they earned our collective tip of the hat.

Whether we’re talking about inventing things, software or solutions to everyday problems; invention is only one type of working genius. That’s right…there’s more…much more. (I recently became a certified Working Genius facilitator and now walk teams through this model during leadership training sessions.)

Work Smarter

When it comes to how work gets done, it takes several working geniuses—six to be exact. But it’s not about the number of people involved…it’s about the inherent, genius quality(ies) they bring to the organization, the opportunities they seize and the problems they solve.


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