Corelation Conference: A night on the USS Midway

by John San Filippo, Corelation, Inc.

Commissioned one week after the end of World War II, the USS Midway held the record of largest ship in the world for nearly a decade. It was also the first ship too large to pass through the Panama Canal. Now this historic aircraft carrier is a floating museum docked in San Diego. And this past Thursday night, it became the location for the 6th annual Corelation Client Conference’s closing event. The event was co-sponsored by conference exhibitors and SwitchThink Solutions and welcomed conference attendees and exhibitors alike.

In addition to exploring a historic military vessel that served the United States Navy for nearly five decades, event attendees had a chance to enjoy two different flight simulators. The Air Combat 360 flight simulator was co-sponsored by conference exhibitors Ascensus and JHA Payment Processing Solutions, while the Flight Avionics simulator was sponsored by conference exhibitor ProfitStars.

There were also a number of other fun activities that aren’t normally a part of the USS Midway experience. These included fortune tellers co-sponsored by IMM and Jwaala, a photo booth sponsored by Stickley on Security and a caricature artist jointly sponsored by Bankjoy and IMM.

All of these activities took place on the aft of the lower deck. After a festive cocktail hour, event attendees were directed to the fore of the lower deck for a sit-down dinner. Dinner was followed by dancing and, for those brave enough to attempt it, karaoke sponsored by Fiserv.

Although San Diego weather had been chilly during the week, it warmed up on Thursday night, helping make for a perfect evening.


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