Nine best practices as banks’ online and app customer experiences converge

Increasingly, online banking websites incorporate mobile banking app DNA. Best practices are emerging, but some institutions still lag on improving website customer service.

The customer experiences major banks offer on websites and mobile banking apps are converging, not only in look, feel and function, but also via omnichannel approaches to customer support and improvements to dashboards.

According to the Online Banker Scorecard for Q2 2024 by Keynova, the consistency between online and mobile banking is increasing among the 18 major banking brands. Susan Foulds, managing director at Keynova, says the trend toward uniformity improves familiarity across digital channels and can help improve customer satisfaction. (The 18 brands in the semiannual study are listed at the end of this article.)

“Banks are closer to achieving parity in functionality between their desktop online banking and mobile app offerings — and some are in synch with the mobile web platform as well,” the study report says. (“Mobile web” refers to an iteration of the bank’s website designed to accommodate typical interaction on a mobile phone or tablet using such features as touch screens, versus mouse and cursor movement from a physical keyboard.)


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