Nostalgic Gen Y Marketing Already?


by Tim McAlpine

This is a fun new video produced by Microsoft to promote Internet Explorer 10. Once the king of the browsers, in snobby tech circles, IE is now considered a tired old codger compared to Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Especially with old versions still kicking around that don’t play well with modern web design, IE has become the bane of web developers everywhere. There are independent campaigns such as IE6 No MoreIE6 Countdown, and even Microsoft’s own self-deprecating site The Browser You Loved to Hate looking to rid the world of decade old versions still rattling around on computers worldwide.

After viewing the video, my first impression was that it’s hard to believe that Gen Y can be nostalgic. Boomers and Gen Xers still consider Gen Yers to be kids, but the oldest members of Gen Y will be turning 33 this year. It’s even harder to believe there will be the first Gen Y grandparents starting to show up in the next decade!

Also hard to believe is that there are parts of the Internet that we can be nostalgic for as well, but I guess we are into the third decade of browsing the Web.

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