On-Site: Day One Coverage of the CUES Annual Convention

David Miller – Cuinsight.com

The CUES annual convention kicked off with former GTE FCU CEO Bucky Sebastian as the Key Note speaker. Bucky is now the Executive Director for the National Credit Union Foundation. He discussed a proposal that contained several controversial topics. Some highlights included: Amount of CEO salary being limited to 20 times the amount of the combined average employee salary, strongly recommended that the CEO be required to serve as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, and also discussed his thoughts on loans being risk rated.

His discussion also included a few other items that were hot buttons with attendees. Items such as taxation, charters and select employee groups, and his thoughts of requiring a capital share from every member. These items were all discussed in detail during multiple round table breakout sessions.

Additional morning presenters were:

Charles Shanley with JMFA Executive Search Group gave a presentation on how to attract and maintain a competitive CEO. He provided great tips on how to conduct the CEO search as well as how to maintain top superstars.

Les Wallace, Ph.D. and President of Signature Resources Inc gave an informative presentation on Governance Leadership in the 21st century. He discussed the importance of board diversification, a credit union’s biggest competitor, and keys to effective leadership.

More coverage to come throughout the day.

David Miller

David Miller

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