One scam, two scam, old scam, new scam

Scammers are constantly innovating, coming up with new ways and strategies to trick the innocent out of their hard earned money. As Cybersecurity Month draws to a close, we take a look at some of the most common scams, as well as some newer ones that you and your members should be aware of to avoid falling for the ruse.

Student loan repayment and forgiveness

The Biden-Harris Student Debt Relief Program created opportunities through which scammers sought to “help” those with student debt either complete their debt relief applications or get the loans forgiven faster.

With student debt repayments resuming in October, scammer have shifted their tactics. Instead of helping debtors take advantage of the Relief Program, they are now offering ways to lower payment amounts, delay repayment, or get the loans forgiven via other means. Of course, these are all just a way to solicit sensitive data from the individual that the scammer could then use to gain access to accounts or trick the individual into sending repayment directly to the scammer.


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