Online Newsrooms Aren’t Just for Journalists

How to educate several target audiences from one place

by Joanna Braeckel

According to the 2013 Online Newsroom Survey conducted annually by TEKGroup International, Inc., 97 percent of journalists consider it important for a company to have an active and updated online newsroom. Eighty percent of those polled visit online newsrooms for small- to medium-sized companies as well as large companies.

The survey also stresses that members of the media are no longer the only visitors to your website’s newsroom. More than 60 percent of those polled believe an online newsroom should be for anyone who wants news about your credit union – members, employees, friends, bloggers, industry experts and even unhappy customers of a neighboring bank.

“So now you want me to add webmaster to my PR resume?”

No, we want you to build the business case for creating and reusing credit union content where more and more people find the information that impacts their financial decisions – the Web. Execution can come from either a solid relationship with IT or easier-than-before content management systems offered by website building or hosting companies.

Building the Case

Journalists require current and accurate information for their stories. Much like the rest of us, the first place they will look is Google or your website. A maintained newsroom updated with dynamic content provides website visitors with an informed insight into your credit union’s products, services and activities.

In addition, members want to know what’s happening with their credit union and what financial advice they need to know. A newsroom is how you can share recent efforts aimed toward their education and satisfaction.

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