Onsite: 5 takeaways from CUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference in Las Vegas

More than 800 credit union advocates from coast to coast made their way this week to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for CUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference. Day one the focus was inspiration. Day two moved on to disruption. Day three, resilience. And day four wrapped up with engagement.

  1. CUNA president/CEO, Jim Nussle, wants you all in for CUs

Being part of the credit union movement isn’t like being a fan of a sports team. As a fan, you don’t get asked to play the game, Nussle told the crowd gathered for his opening remarks. And as part of the team everyone needs to help the credit union movement remain relevant in the future.

  1. “The world is full of great people.” Keynote Brett Culp

Filmmaker, Brett Culp wants you to keep your heart open and know why you’re making a difference in the world. Leadership is first an invitation. It is creating a space you invite people into to do something good in their own lives and the world, Culp said.

  1. Guy Kawasaki wants you to enchant your members, employees and your boss

Marketing innovator and author, Guy Kawasaki walked attendees through the art form of connecting with members in a way that builds loyalty and engagement in 10 steps. Be likeable. Be trustworthy. Innovate. Launch. Overcome resistance. Endure. Present. Use Technology. Enchant up. Enchant your employees.

  1. Transform your life in five seconds. Mel Robbins knows the path

CNN legal analyst, entrepreneur, and author Mel Robbins wants you to push away from the habits that are sabotaging your success. By counting down from five to one before making an intentional decision, you’re activating the prefrontal cortex. That snaps your brain out of the “autopilot” mode in which you normally operate and allows you to apply the renowned Nike slogan, “Just do it.”

  1. Neil Pasricha lets you in on a little secret; happier people, happier organizations

Author, blogger, and all around happiness expert Neil Pasricha was the closing keynote Wednesday morning. Is it a coincidence that the strongest companies in the world have the happiest people working for them? Pasricha says, no. Happy people at work are 30% more productive, three times more creative, and 40% more likely to be promoted.

Randall Smith

Randall Smith

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