OnSite CUNA ACUC: Disruption and innovation

This week credit unions have gathered in Seattle a town that is deeply connected to innovation and change so it’s only fitting that these were key points of the opening session today. CUNA President and CEO, Jim Nussle called on us to not only embrace disruption but to lead industry disruption.

The term “disruption” is often surrounded by feelings of uncertainty and fear. Too often we get stuck in our own bubble and we don’t notice that there are countless examples of disruption in our daily lives that we can draw inspiration from. One of the best examples given was the Amazon Dash button, a button that you can put on your fridge or washing machine and with just a tap, your coffee, laundry detergent, etc. is at your door the next day. It’s that easy. This is the reality of the world we live in today. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about baby boomers, gen xers, or millennials we are all living in a world where convenience is king. George Blankenship, formerly with Apple, brought about an important point that is key to our success: When Apple launched the iphone none of the technology was new it was simply the first to combine all of it into one device. How can you apply those same concepts to your credit unions and create an experience that your members will never forget.

It’s time for us to embrace the pace at which the world is changing and start thinking how we can use what we already have available to create something that significantly impact our member’s lives. It’s time to either be the disruptors, or we will be forced to accept that someone else will take the title. So go, create your dash button.

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