Onsite: Day two at CUNA GAC 2015

It’s day 2 of CUNA GAC and so much is happening that I’m actually not sure how to put everything into one cohesive recap, I’ll do my best but bear with me…

This morning I was beyond excited to hear Arianna Huffington, Founder and Editor in Chief, of Huffington Post speak. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to hear someone you really look up to speak, then you understand how I felt! Her topic today focused primarily on how to achieve real success. Too many times we equate busy with successful and it simply isn’t true. Pulling all-nighters, working late, continually checking your email after work only leads to frustration, mistakes and eventually complete burnout. Her challenge today was profound; for us to take as good of care of ourselves as we do our phones. What a great analogy; we protect our phones, update them when needed, and most importantly we recharge them. We all dread seeing the red at the top and whenever we do, we immediately start looking for a place to recharge. However, how many times has your body and brain told you it was time to recharge and you ignored it? In order to be productive and make good decisions you need to fully recharge every single day.

Another key point to remember about success; its not just about work. Way too often we are sacrificing relationships, time and energy for things that we ultimately won’t be remembered for. To quote her, “No one at your funeral will say it was great you helped raised the market share.” Stop expending energy of useless things; our minds are constantly running around thinking about projects that we will never start, or how we need to finish a book we really aren’t enjoying just to say we’ve finished it – just stop. Bottom line: our time here is limited are you following your passion? Are you using your limited time and energy in the best possible ways? If tomorrow was it, would you have regrets? In the coming weeks, take time to focus on yourself; recharge and trim the fat in your life. You’ll feel free, happy, and productive – then success will follow.

Amanda Reed

Amanda Reed

Amanda Reed is the Associate Publisher at CUInsight.com. As an associate publisher, Amanda works with professionals throughout the credit union industry to find new and innovative ways to spread ... Web: www.CUInsight.com Details

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