Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union launches in Montana

Credit Union Awareness LLC announced today that the AI-driven, consumer consideration campaign, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union®, is headed to Montana. The launch comes as thousands of credit union advocates and executives in the United States prepare for CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC), the credit union industry’s premier advocacy event.

“What better way to celebrate credit unions today than to continue to share the amazing opportunities credit unions have to offer consumers,” said Chris Lorence, Credit Union Awareness Executive Director. “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is a first of its kind digital influencer campaign designed to dispel commonly held myths about credit unions while increasing consumer consideration for credit unions as their best financial partner. We are thrilled to bring this credit union driven campaign to Montana, and grateful to the Montana Credit Union League for their enormous support for opening consumers eyes to credit unions in Montana.”

Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® has gained over 1,106 supporting organizations that have pledged more than $52 million. The campaign has launched in twenty-five states and is expected to launch in at least 5 other states in the upcoming months.


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