When to order a code red on your credit union technology

Finding a trusted credit union technology partner is crucial to your CU’s success. Credit union executives are in the financial industry, not the technology industry, yet so much of your CU’s success rides on the implementation of technology and the products and services offered to members. Many blindly follow the orders of their technology partners, trusting that they are the experts. However, sometimes following unfounded orders can steer your credit union in the wrong direction. It’s imperative to recognize the red flags of when your technology partner may not be the right fit for your credit union:

  1. You Want the Truth: Whether it’s a failed server, laptop, virus or ransomware threat, you need a partner who can identify the issue and explain exactly what is going on in terms you will understand.
  2. The Whole Truth: Let’s face it. People make mistakes, and it is not logical to think that your IT company is perfect. They have no doubt made a mistake here and there, but it’s their response to the mistake that matters most. Do they own up to the mistake and remedy it, or do they try to cover it up or place blame on others?
  3. You Can’t Handle the Truth: Sometimes the mistakes aren’t small, and the issues are big. Does your provider take the time to not only correct the issue but detail for you the necessary changes that could have caused or prevented it? While you may not want to spend the money required, and are willing to assume a certain amount of risk due to budget constraints, you will want your partner to guide you and tell you their recommendations and what options are available.
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