Our pandemic year

From the editor

This month, we mark the grim anniversary of the COVID-19 outbreak being declared a pandemic.

Our pandemic year has brought many changes in the way we live and work. We wear masks to the office (if we even go to work outside of our homes). We Zoom instead of meet. We teach algebra (or try to!) in between meetings.

We’ve had to find ways to make work what we thought could never possibly work! For example, many believed that having credit union staff telecommute just couldn’t be successful. But this year has shown that credit unions can operate very, very well when staff members are working remotely. And now we are better equipped to work through the next natural disaster or even just a snowstorm.

Before 2020, was anyone looking to do a remote core conversion? It just didn’t seem feasible. But the credit union and vendor leaders interviewed for our cover story share how they successfully changed core systems remotely during the pandemic year—and why they would do it that way again! Read more in “Lessons Learned From Remote Core Conversions.”


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